Day 3–Dressember 2019

Day-3 DressemberDay 3 was a great day!  In keeping with Dressember’s motto:  “You can do anything in a dress” I put on my warm sweater dress and boots and set out for a journey downtown.

The weather was a bit chilly but sunny and dry.  I was able to walk around and spread lots of awareness in my area.  I got to meet some nice people and I was able to tell them why I was wearing a dress. Most of them had no idea of the magnitude of human trafficking and abuse that is going on and they were very thankful to be alerted to it.

Plus, it was “Giving Tuesday” so I am in hopes that a few donations came in as well, and were perhaps matched by Facebook.

All day long I was very aware that I was free to be making choices, like what time to wake up, what to eat for breakfast, what kind of dress to wear, where to go downtown and who to talk to.  I was very conscious that I was free to make decisions and choices in my life, and I was so grateful for that, because many in this world do not have that freedom.

Many people, men, women and children are not in control of their own lives.  They are trapped in modern slavery and abuse.  Many have been trafficked, taken from their homes to live lives of exploitation.  These are the people I am wearing a dress for everyday.  These are the people whom I think about, pray for and share awareness about.  These are the people who need hope and help in order that they might someday be set free to live lives of dignity.  These are the people I ask you to give a donation for.  Any amount will help.  Please consider doing so.  If we can help even just one person it will all be worth our time, money and effort.

Snowflake Dress-FreedomFrom now until December 15th– each Donation of $5.00 or more will receive a handmade Origami Christmas Dress Ornament as a free gift from me for helping in the fight to stop human trafficking.
Just donate $5.00 or more to my fundraiser page and then email me here or message me on Facebook or Instagram @LeonasLines for info on how to receive your ornament.

My Dressember Fundraising Page:

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Thank you.


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