Day 17–Dressember 2019

Day 17 Dressember 2019On Day 17 I decided to take my “dress picture” by the Christmas Tree that is the Community Room of the apt complex where I live.  This gave me the opportunity to share about Dressember with one of my neighbors who was sitting in there at the time.

I also met another neighbor, whom I had shared with previously, while getting my mail and she said seeing me in my dress reminded her that she wanted to donate and hadn’t yet.

So, little opportunities to share seem to pop up everywhere.  It’s just a matter of putting on a dress and going out into the world around me to meet people and be willing to share in order to raise awareness and also to seek funds.

I know some people wonder and have asked “why should I give?”, “where does the money go?”, what impact will my giving have?” and these are all great questions.

A few days ago I did share on a blog post where the money goes as I listed the 15 Partner Organizations that Dressember funds and what they do.

But today I wanted to share just what impact the money that’s donated has on the lives of victims.

This infographic lists what happens when you give to Dressember.

Impact InfographicDressember funds organizations that not only rescue victims and provide follow-up care for them, but also work to prevent this abuse from happening at all, by spotting trafficking and educating people to prevent and stop it. These are all very important programs that greatly impact peoples lives, but they do need funds to operate and continue.  That is why you need to give.

Any donation, in any amount, is needed, appreciated and will have an impact.  Please consider giving something to this worthy cause.

Links are listed below. Thank you, Leona

My Dressember USA Fundraiser Page

My Dressember Facebook Fundraiser:



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