Day 11–Dressember 2019

Day 11 Dressember 2019The funds that Dressember collects get distributed to each of their 15 Partners who are all organizations working in different ways to reach the same goals which are ending human trafficking and stopping modern slavery.
Each of Dressember’s Partners have proven track records and are heavily vetted to meet the greatest needs in the fight to end trafficking

Today I want to share a little bit about each of Dressember’s 15 Partners, who they are, and what they do.

The Partners are divided among three catagories:

A.  Rescue & Indentification    

l. IJM-International Justice Mission–Impact Area: South Asia  Project Focus: Rescuing girls from sex trafficking & restoring broken justice systems

2. THORN–Impact Area: United States Project Focus: Building a sex trafficking investigations tool to help law enforcement identify child sex trafficking victims online

3.  ANTI-SLAVERY--Impact Area: United Kingdom Project Focus: Helping companies identify and reduce slavery prevalence across their supply chains

B. Aftercare & Education

4.  A-21--Impact Area: South Africa Project Focus: Building a new Freedom Center to provide survivors with holistic care

5.  LOVE146–Impact Area: The Philippines Project Focus: Providing complete care for survivors in two safe homes for girls and boys

6.  RESTORE--Impact Area: New York City Project Focus: Preparing survivors for jobs and placing them in dignified work

7.  SAVING INNOCENCE–Impact Area: United States Project Focus: Expanding case management services for youth survivors

8.  CAST–Impact Area: Los Angeles, CA Project Focus: Providing wraparound and legal services for survivors of trafficking

9.  THE FREEDOM STORY–Impact Area: Northern Thailand Project Focus: Mentoring & educating at risk students about human trafficking

C. Prevention

10.  MCMAHON RYAN–Impact Area: Syracuse, NY Project Focus: Child Advocacy-Educating & supporting at risk youth through case management

11.  OLIVE CREST--Impact Area: Washington & California Project Focus: Educating staff & children coming out of foster care about the risk of trafficking

12.  TTA-Truckers Against Trafficking–Impact Area: United States Project Focus: Bringing law enforcement together with casinos & bus companies to train employees on identifying human trafficking

13.  YOUTH SPARK–Impact Area: Atlanta, GA Project Focus: Supporting & educating at risk & LGBTQ youth to keep them out of trafficking

14.  BEST–Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking–Impact Area: United States Project Focus: Training members of the hospitality industry on how to spot trafficking

15.  PATHFINDERS–Impact Area: Milwaukee, WI Project Focus: Providing services & support to homeless & at risk youth

In the days to come I will be blogging about the different things these organizations have done and the stories of those they have helped.

Now that you see where all the money raised is going and the impact it is having in people’s lives, I hope you will donate to help these organizations continue their fight against trafficking and slavery.  Any amount you can donate will help.  Links are listed below.

Thank you, Leona

My Dressember USA Fundraiser Page

My Dressember Facebook Fundraiser:





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