Book Review–“Taming Julia”–by Jodie Wolfe

Taming Julia book coverBook Review–Taming Julia--by Jodie Wolfe

I have to say that “Taming Julia” was the most unusual book I have read so far. But, I had never before read any of Jodie Wolfe’s books, if I had I would most likely have not been surprised as she does say she enjoys writing stories that have quirky characters and in this book I would definitely say Julia is quite quirky!

When I began reading “Taming Julia”  I had thoughts that it was quite un-realistic, however as I continued to read I came to the conclusion that it could possibly be realistic, however a bit un-conventional. I mean would you consider a preacher agreeing to a marriage by proxy realistic? Perhaps, if you were living in the days of mail order brides and had a do this or lose your job because of an ultimatum presented to you by your church elders, however, what church would issue an order like that, and why?

Also, would you as a refined preacher consent to this marriage by proxy after you saw and met a women who was not at all like the person described to you in her letters? Well, then again, perhaps if you had to do so to keep your position as pastor of your church.

But that is just the beginning of the story, how would you handle being married to a wife who dresses and talks like an female cowpoke, wears a six shooter around her waist and carries a rifle. She sleeps outside on the ground, has only cooked meals over a campfire, doesn’t know how to use an indoor stove, and washes up in the creek. Is she the type of wife that you want to present to your church board and congregation on Sunday morning as your Mrs.? Do you think it’s possible the well dressed and mannerly church ladies will welcome her with open arms?

Well, as you read on, those questions and many more will fill your mind, and you will find yourself wondering if indeed “Taming Julia” is possible!

I recommend you read this book if you enjoy un-conventional western Christian romance and humor. There indeed is a thread of God working throughout this whole book and you will enjoy the outcome.

I was given a copy of this book as a gift from the author Jodie Wolfe in exchange for an honest review. All comments are my own.

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