Book Review–“Love and A Little White Lie” by Tammy L. Gray

Love-and-A-Little-White-Lie book coverBook Review–Love and A Little White Lie by Tammy L. Gray

This is my first time reading a book by Tammy L. Gray and I have to admit when the opportunity was presented to me, I was hesitant because of the title.
I am a stickler for honesty and the thought of reading a Christian book containing “A Little White Lie” just didn’t sit well with me.
However, I am glad I decided to take a chance and read it, as Tammy did a great job writing this story who’s main character is not a believer and one who feels a little white lie is something that is no big deal.

January Sanders is the main character, she doesn’t believe in God, the reason being is that she was raised by an Atheist mother. She hasn’t a clue what faith is, nor has she ever been in a church. Thus, when she finds herself facing a failed relationship, with no place to live or job prospect, she decides to call upon her Aunt, who happens to be a devout Christian, for help. This leads to her staying in a cabin on her Aunt’s property and getting a job at a large Christian Church in the community, obviously not a job she’d have ever considered other than the fact she is desperate for work, thus enters the “Little White Lie”.

This decision is one which will change January’s life in ways she can’t fathom, however, before those changes come, she will have to walk through some hard times and make some hard choices that she never planned on making.

This book was very interesting as I had never read a Christian book before where the main character was a non-believer.

The characters were portrayed very realistically and I found I could relate to them easily. The book was an easy read, but my one drawback is that as I read there were some parts in the story that I found myself not quite agreeing with or questioning because of my own personal faith and beliefs in things, yet overall I would say this was a good read and I did love the ending.

I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

–Leona J. Atkinson

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