Book Review–“All That Really Matters” by Nicole Deese

All That Really Matters book coverBook Review–“All That Really Matters” by Nicole Deese

A book with such a beautiful looking and feeling cover just has to have a beautiful story inside it right? Well, it does. The inside of this book is just as wonderful as the outside. Nothing about this book disappoints.

The story Nicole Deese tells in “All That Really Matters” will touch your heart is a special way, as it clearly shows how God works behind the scenes to bring about miracles in people’s lives.
This contemporary romance is very relatable to our current times and the realistic characters make the reader connect to them instantly. The story, even though fiction, could very well be a true story, I think.

The main character, Molly McKenzie, has a lot going for her online socially and financially, she has built a poplar brand and magnificent online career herself by using her wit and talents, and she is now reaping the rewards of her efforts.
Yet, she still feels there is more she needs to accomplish in the real world around her not just in her online makeup world, but she’s not quite sure she wants to make the changes required to see that happen.
For when she decides to step out of her online comfort zone to try something new in the real world, just for the sake of it perhaps helping her career image, she is hit by the feeling of rejection, something she is not used to experiencing in her online everyday social media career world.

“His swift and candid assessment of me had stung far worse than the vilest of comments left by an online troll. But try as I might, I still hadn’t found a delete option for real life rejection. And I’d been searching for one for twenty-seven years.” (Molly: pg.64)

Yet, to Molly’s credit she doesn’t give up, for she remembers the words of the grand-mother she treasured who always said: “God has uniquely shaped gifts for every one of His uniquely shaped people.” (page 225)

So as Molly continues to try new things the story leads the reader on her journey which is filled with valleys of disappointments, shocking realities, heartbreaks and sorrows, but it is a journey led by God nonetheless, and with her faith and determination Molly hopes she will eventually reach a real life mountaintop experience of victory for herself and those lives around her she is reaching out to touch along the way.

I really loved reading this story that shows the many different ways God works in people’s lives to bring about His plans and purposes. I think it is a very inspiring story that you will enjoy reading also.

I received a copy of this book free from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and comments are my own.

–Leona J. Atkinson

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