A Review of The Women Who Met Jesus by Dorothy Valcarcel

The Women Who Met Jesus Book CoverA Review of “The Women Who Met Jesus”
“New Testament Stories of LIVES TRANSFORMED by the Savior”
By Dorothy Valcarcel

Jesus, the Word of God, manifested in the flesh here on earth, walked, talked and interacted with many people and the New Testament gives us many accounts of those happenings.

This book introduces us to twenty women who actually met Jesus in the flesh during those New Testament times and tells us how their lives were transformed because of their meeting Jesus.

Many of us who are believers can testify how our lives changes when we spiritually met Jesus, but what would it have been like to actually meet Him in the flesh? To look in His eyes, listen to Him speak, watch Him perform miracles or eat with Him. It must have been amazing and surely the women who met Him were never the same.

In this book we read about Broken Women, Flawed Women, Empty and Rejected Women all whose lives were changed for the better after meeting Jesus. Women not that different from ourselves, even though they lived long ago, who still had hopes and dreams as we do. Women who worried, were insecure and unfulfilled. Women who were isolated, hungry, ignored, hopeless and stressed. Lonely Women, Misunderstood Women, Women who needed a Savior.

These New Testament women were transformed from their lives that they deemed worthless, all because they met Jesus and His power of Unconditional Love.

In a time when women were looked down upon and not regarded as important, Jesus took the time to meet with them to bring them healing, help and hope.

I would recommend his book to any woman, believer or non-believer. It is a wonderful testament to the wonderful love of Christ to all those He meets, and as He did back then in the New Testament times, He still does today.

No matter what you or the world has labeled you as, when you meet Jesus you will be changed. Your life will be transformed. The old you will be gone and the new you will come when you encounter the Word of Life, Jesus Christ.

This is a book that can be read over again and again as the need arises. It can also be used as a book study alone or in a group as at the end of each chapter there is a time for reflection, questions, affirmations and inspiration.

I was given a copy of this book to read in exchange for writing an honest review. All comments are mine.

–Leona J. Atkinson

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