Puffing Poodle

😊. I am Re-Blogging this post from Elle Denise- Natures Nourishings site Amazing! pic of a Poodle cloud! Love it!

Nature Nourishings

When the clouds stop you in your tracks with disbelief. (Mom wants me to title this Puff the Magic Poodle. Nope, she thinks you’ll like The Vaping Poodle better…)

Luckily, I was on foot when I saw this Wednesday (outside my front door).

Mom is always reminding me to keep my eyes on the road when I drive. You won’t ever catch me on a phone, but my distracted driving skywatching is not ideal. I’ve learned to pull over, like I did last night for these unedited sunset images (I knew if I high-tailed it to a better clearing, I’d miss it.)

I must admit, I’ve even been late to work some mornings for pulling over: these unedited pics are from one such workday, on a “freezing” day for the South, nonetheless.

Usually, I have a decent enough view of storm fronts from my own backyard. This unedited surprise appeared…

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